"...Maestro Barone is the leading exponent of the early classic guitar's revival. He coaxes from this instrument a subtle and rounded plucked sound unlike the sound of any guitar you will yet have encountered."
Dr. Thomas Heck
Archivist, Guitar Foundation of America, Head, Music/Dance Library, Ohio State University


Born in Vigevano (Italy) May 10, 1955

Trilingual (Italian, English, French)




1973 : Baccalaureat at the « Liceo Classico – B.Cairoli» Latin and Greek, Art History and Philosophy.

1963 – 1972 : (Licenza) Musical Studies (guitar, organ et piano) at the Civico Istituto Musicale in Vigevano. Bachelor Degree in guitar en 1972.

1973-1978  Attended Medical school at the University of Pavia parallel to musical studies before deciding to devout himself to music.

1978 – 1981 : Specialisation in contemporary performance practice with Angelo Gilardino at the Liceo Musicale "G.B. Viotti" in Vercelli. Final Master Degree en 1981.


1977 – 1984 : Music Education at the State School « Besozzi » in Vigevano (PV)

1979 – 1987 : Professor of Guitar at the Musical Institute « L. Costa » in Vigevano (PV)

Since 1989 : Director and Professor of analysis, technique and performance practice at the Accademia l'Ottocento (specialized school for 19th Century repertoire).

1990 - 2008  Lectures, Master classes and  Seminars on analysis, technique and classical and romantic performance practice, for singers, guitar, chamber groups and orchestra in several prestigious institutions across Europe, North America, China and Australia. (NYU and Julliard School - New York, Yale University, Royal Academy - U.K., UCLA - L.A., Beijing National Conservatory, etc.)  

Master classes during the Summer International Specialization School of the "Accademia".

1982 – 1995 : Stresa  (NO)

1992 – 1994 : Verbania  (NO)

1993 – 1997 : Brezzo di Bedero  (VA)

1994 – 1996 : Cervo  (IM)

1996 – 1998 : Lecce

1992 – 1994 : Moneglia  (GE)

1995 – Darwin (Australia) : Guitar

1997 – 2007: Darwin (Australia) : Singers, Chamber Music, Guitar, Orchestral Conducting

Since 2004 : Sardinia International Summer Festivals

Since 2008 : Festival Franco-Italian of Ariege (France – 19th Century chamber music Festival)

Since 2009 : Otranto International Summer Camp

PHD Doctorate Mentor  - Performing Practice (University of Darwin and Canberra, Australia) Student awarded scholarship to study and obtain degree.

1999 –2001: Faculty  Founder and  Head of Program European training class for musicians (through European grant funding). The program consists of a two-year core curriculum for musicians under the age of 26 that includes private lessons, small and large ensembles, music theory, and music history classes, as well as internship in orchestra

Alumni from the program have gone on to study successfully in community music schools, pre-college programs, conservatories, and universities

since 2008 : Lecce Conservatory « T.Schipa » : Director and Professor at the new Master in « 19th Century Performance practice for solo, chamber and orchestral repertoire » for flute, fortepiano, guitar, strings, and orchestra.

Music advancement  - Pedagogical annex activities

Specialty classes:

Since 1998: Professional coaching, Conferences, Team seminaries, Introduction to an orchestra, Managing a company,  Period food and music, Federating workers through music.

Vocal / instrumental coaching in preparation of video and audio recordings, for several chamber groups and soloists. 


1990 – Liceo « Cairoli » - Vigevano -  Lectures series on the evolution of the Musical Aesthetics en relationship with Art History;

1998 – Science and Technique Museum – Milan – Lectures series on the principles of ergonomy applied to  instrumental performance;

Activities as Performer and Conductor 

since 1983 :  M. Barone revived works which had remained unperformed for nearly 200 years, with the modern premieres of guitar compositions as the Concerti for Guitar and Orchestra by Matteo Barbi and Francesco Caliari, and a newly discovered and unpublished Theme and Variations by Mauro Giuliani, which have established his reputation as one of the world's leading authorities of the early classic performance practice.

He has transmitted his passion to Artists such as John Williams and others, stimulating them to approach the 19th Century performance practice with period instruments.

As a performer, he uses a variety of instruments by such makers as Carlo and Gaetano Guadagnini (Italian, ca. 1815 / 1828), Soriot (French, ca. 1830), Lacote (French, ca. 1825), etc.

since 1987 : he has conducted and performed concerts, master classes, and lectures throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and China, offering a varied concert program of works from the late 18th to mid 19th century. 

since 1992, as a Conductor, besides various guest conducting in Europe, USA, Australia and China, he directs and conducts the Orchestra Ottocento, Italian Orchestra with original classical period instruments. 

Researches et publications

1984 - "Catalogo Generale delle Opere per e con chitarra " (AGIF, Vigevano).

1990 - 1995 - "La chitarra nell'800" Collection, (Editions Zanibon, Padoue).

1995 -1998 "I Quaderni dell'Accademia", Collection, (Editions Rugginenti, Milan).

1998 - "Anatomia e fisiologia dell'esecuzione chitarristica" (“Ergonomie de la guitare”, AGIF)

1998 - 2002 "I Quaderni dell'Accademia", (Accademia Editions, Vigevano). Collection of 65 publications.

Since 2007 : PhD. Project Consultant for various Universities


1994 - Mauro Giuliani - Luigi Moretti, Rugginenti Editions, Milan. G. Guadagnini guitare (1828)

1999 - Orchestra dell'Accademia « l'Ottocento », music of Mozart and Boccherini.

2004 - Orchestra dell'Accademia « l'Ottocento », Conductor Carlo Barone

 «Italian Style in Mozart et Schubert»  Mozart : Symphony n° 40; Schubert : Symphony n° 5.

Artistic Direction

Since 1982 : Accademia l’Ottocento

Since 2004 : Festival “800” in Sardinia  (2 weeks Summer Festival for chamber music and orchestra)

Since 2008 : Festival Franco-Italian of Ariege (France – 19th Century chamber music Festival)

Since 2009 : Otranto International Summer Camp


2007 : Ricordate Inaguration  (Italian Chamber of Commerce in France)