"Ottocento" Orchestra 

Conductor : CARLO BARONE

with original 19th Century period instruments


Promotes the Italian musical culture and tradition through a wide national and international program, supported by Public and Private Sponsors.

This Italian orchestra with XIX Century period instruments stands out for its new and original musical approach. Referring to the indications on the texts of the time, they strive to follow the technique, interpretation and performance practice of 1800.

One of the Orchestra’s goals is to restore and offer again musical compositions from 1800, in a "new" way, respecting as closely as possible the original stylistic canons. (from the typical Italian XIX century taste for "bel canto" with choices of tempos and expressive freedoms linked to the "teoria degli affetti"). Through such performances, the Orchestra unites both the precise details from the original scores and an easy and pleasant listening experience for the modern public.

Founded in 1992 by M°. Carlo Barone, The orchestra has their own concert series as well as concerts with several world-famous artists such as the Australian guitar player, John Williams.


Use of instruments from the XIX c. (original or copies)

Technical research on the performance classical and romantic practice

Repertoire from 1770 to about 1850.

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the repertoire