Accademia l'Ottocento


International School for advanced studies

in XIX Century Style and Performance Practice

admission requirements:

Master Degree from a Conservatory or other institution internationally recognized. Those not having the required degree, must apply for a special Admission, which may be accepted by the teaching staff, that shall request an audition or an audio-cassette.


Solo and chamber literature

Instrumental techniques of the time

Nineteenth century didactic methods

Research and cataloguing the original sources

Interpretation, through compared studies of the period treatises, concerning vocal and instrumental performance practice.

Organology, iconography and evolution of the strings-making of the time.

attendance:: the course requires a total of at least 60 effective attendance days.

final exam:

Practical exam: public concert, presenting various musical forms and composition styles.

Theoretical exam: discussion of a written research, on a subject previously agreed with the teachers.

Chamber Music

 This course is aimed at previously existing ensembles, and will concentrate on the repertoire specific to the particular ensemble formation. Individual members of each ensemble can attend the other courses as auditors, free of charge.

Carlo Barone: Period Style and Performance practice
Francesco Taranto

Antonio Scarinzi

Adrian Walter

Foreign students, who cannot participate in the monthly seminars for the entire 3-year period, can request permission to perform the public recital for the Final Examination if the total attendance at the various courses amounts to 60 days of active participation; including monthly seminars at the "Accademia" Summer Specialization Courses.

Didactic methods for guitar ('7OO and '8OO)

Le Guide des écoliers de la Guitare Traité des Agréments de la Musique Exécutés sur la Guitare (Paris, 1761-1777)
Méthode pour Guitare par musique et tablature (Paris, 1763)
Nouvelle Méthode pour la Guitare à l'usage des commencant (Paris, 1773)
Principes Généraux de la Guitare (Paris, 1801)
Metodo della chitarra a sei corde (Napoli, 1803)
Nouvelle Méthode pour la Lyre ou Guitare à six cordes (Paris, 1804)
Studio per la Chitarra Op. 1 (Wien, 1812)
Grande Méthode Complète pour Guitare ou Lyre (Paris, 1820)
Méthode Complète pour parvenir a pincer de la Guitare (Paris, 1825)
Méthode Complète pour la Guitare divise en trois parties (Paris, 1825)
Méthode pour la Guitare (Paris, 1830)

Other methods
L.MOZART: Grundliche Violinschule
J.N.HUMMEL: Méthode complète Théorique et Pratique pour le Piano-forte (Paris, 1838)
M.GARCIA: Traité Complète de l'Art du Chant (Paris, 1847)
E.DELLE SEDIE: L'Art Lyrique : Traité Complète de Chant et Déclamation Lyrique (Paris, 1874)

T.HECK: The birth of the Classic Guitar and its Cultivation in Vienna, reflected in the career and composition of Mauro Giuliani. - - doctoral thesis- (Yale University, 1968)
D.RIBOUILLAULT: Technique de la Guitare en France dans la première moitié du 19 siècle. - doctoral thesis- (Paris Sorbonne -1980)
CARLO BARONE: Catalogo delle Opere per Chitarra -A.G.I.F.Vigevano - (2a Ed. 1988)