"Italian Style" of Belcanto in Mozart and Schubert

Orchestra Concert, featuring some of the most well known Symphonies.


W.A.Mozart       Simphony n.°  40 in Sol min.

F.Schubert       Simphony n.° 5

“Child prodigy”: Rossini and Mendelssohn

Orchestra Concert

a Musical Program presenting a selection of the Strings’ Orchestral Compositions composed by the Authors between the age of 6 and 12;

Choosen Program within:


Strings Symphonies


Strings Sonates

“Italians in Paris”: the "quarrel" between Carulli's and Molino's fans!

Orchestra Concert: a Musical Program featuring compositions of two of the most important Italian Composers active in Paris at the beginning 19th Century;


F.Carulli - Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra  op. 8

F.Carulli - Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra  op. 140

F.Molino - Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra op 56




“Italians in Paris”: Hommage to Luigi Boccherini

   (in preparation of the second centennial - 28 May 1805)

"Italian" melody and "Tempo Rubato" … a "European" Style

Orchestra Concert,featuring some of the most important Symphonies written by Boccherini, who lived in Paris and Madrid at the end of his life, at the beginning of the 19th Century.

In particular the last Symphony Op. 30. (from the Paris Manuscript, 1799, with guitar, rarely  performed).